Dog Supplements

Why our dog Supplements ?

Carefully Blended

Made with specially-selected ingredients known for their properties.

Based on Science

Our supplements are based scientific research and designed by nutritionists.

Tasty AF

Tasty chicken flavour to make your dog love taking their daily supps.

Made in the UK

Our supplements are manufactured in the UK to GMP Standards.

Although all the ingredients we use in our supplements are safe for dogs of all ages, we do not recommend our supplements for use in puppies under the age of 6 months without first seeking veterinary advice, as puppies grow and metabolise at a very fast rate in their first few months.

The raw materials used in our supplements are globally sourced, chosen specifically for their properties. Where possible, our ingredients are sourced from within the UK &  EU but, due to the nature of some of the herbs used, this is not always possible. Only trusted sources are used, which have been meticulously verified and audited. All raw materials come with complete Certificate of Analysis and independent batch spot checks are undertaken to ensure materials adhere to quality standards we expect.

We want you to make a great choice when buying our supplements, which is why our supplement product pages are packed with information, including recommended dosage, our ingredients and their properties, and the option to view the full nutritional information. To view the full nutritional information, please click the button “Full Nutritional Facts”. Our products also come with all the information on the labels. If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch!

Dogs & Owners are Loving our Formulas!

About our Multivitamin:

“I’ve been using these @pawvit vitamins for a few weeks now and I can see a lovely difference in Ralph’s coat. It’s lovely and shiny.”

About our Calming Formula:

“We can already see that she’s so much more settled and fully being able to relax… We’re so glad to have found such an amazing product and would recommend it to anyone”

Not Sure Which One?

Find our with our ideal product finder.

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