Our Banned ingredients.

We started PawVit because most dog care companies use harsh & irritating chemicals, and that had to change.

Here’s what we don’t include in our products:

1. SLS, SLES & Sulphates.

They strip natural oils, causing dry skin and irritations.

Dog skin is extremely sensitive, and it’s more prone to be dried out by these foam-boosting synthetic ingredients.

2. Parabens

As well as causing skin irritation, this type of preservative  disrupts hormones and increases the risk of cancer. 

3. Silicone.

Silicone is normally used in shampoos and sprays, and overtime it can builds up in the fur, making it feel dry, look dull, and weakening the overall coat.

4. Phthalates.

Although never listed on ingredient lists, Phthalates lurk in fragrances and can cause aggression in animals, as well as damage to the liver and kidneys.

All of our natural-based scents are certified Phthalate-Free.

5. PEGs.

New research shows PEGs can cause skin irritation,  problems when used on broken skin, and can be contaminated with impurities. 

We're the natural way to care for your dog.

Orangutan & Deforestation (PawVit, Copyright Caregood Group Ltd)

We've also banned Palm Oil.

For environmental reasons, we do not use Palm Oil in our products as it’s a major driver of deforestation.

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