PawVit Ambassadorship Referendum

During the PawVit Consultation, we had an overwhelming response in support of an Ambassadorship based on Free Products instead of commission.

Therefore, we are holding an Ambassadorship Referendum. Please cast your vote after reading our proposed Product-Based Ambassadorship terms:

Product-Based Ambassadorship.

A free product-based ambassadorship will allow you to have a wider range of products to enjoy and show off, and aid us in new launch campaigns.

1) You will receive 20% off all products.

2) You will still receive a 10% discount code for friends and followers.

3) You will receive one free product of your choice for every five orders completed that use your Ambassador Code.

4) You will receive newly launching products if you are in ‘good standing’. (This is at our discretion, but may include a specified amount of posts or activity, which you will be told about. You may still be eligible even if you do not post regularly).

5) You will not pay postage fees for any gifted products. (However, an unboxing image or video would be highly valued!).

This means: You will not receive a commission for any order purchased with your code, and you will be subject to new Ambassador terms which you will have to agree to (as well as renouncing the previous terms, and waiving the 30-day change notice stipulated in the current Agreement).

If the majority of Ambassadors vote for the proposed Product-Based Ambassadorship, the new terms will take effect on 1st September 2021. All Ambassador contracts will then be given a duration of six months from the 1st of September, which you can cancel anytime or renew. You will have to agree to the new terms in writing to stay as an Ambassador under the new programme.

Please complete the form below to cast your vote:

Only one vote per Ambassador will be counted.
Thank you for taking the time to cast your vote and shape PawVit.

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