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Ear Cleaner

| 110ml
Naturally cleans & soothes your dog’s ears, keeping them free from dirt, smells, and itchiness

🌿 Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Fill your dog’s ear canal until the liquid is visible. Massage the base of the ear to help agitate the liquid, and allow your dog to shake their head to loosen wax. Carefully wipe any debris with a cotton pad or ball. Do not insert anything into the ear canal. Use as required.

Aqua, Plant-based Surfactants, Glycerine, Chamomile Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Preservative.

Nourishing formula
Lightly scented
Gentle formula

pH Blanced

An Ear Cleaner that works.

Here are results from some of our Ear Cleaner’s biggest fans:
Monty’s ears after using our Ear Cleaner.

Finn’s ears after using our Ear Cleaner.

What the dog community says:

Ear Cleaner v4

The only Ear Cleaner your dog will ever need.

👂 Gently removes earwax & dirt.

Carefully crafted to gently remove wax and dirt from the sensitive ears of dogs.

🍃 Soothes redness & inflammation

We use Aloe Vera and Chamomile Oil for their skin-soothing properties.

🐶 For even the most sensitive pups

It’s fragrance-free and without harsh ingredients, so you can have peace of mind when caring for your dog.

4 key natural ingredients.

We use natural ingredients for you to have peace of mind.

That’s why we don’t use any harsh chemicals, such as SLS & Sulphates, Parabens, Silicone, PEGs, and Phthalates.

Rated 4.8

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We’re proud that our Ear Cleaner does not contain any alcohol, acids, or parfum, unlike many others on the market. This means you can clean your dog’s ears naturally without harmful ingredients, and soothing them in the process.
Simply fill your dog’s ear canal until the liquid is visible, and massage the base of the ear to help agitate the liquid. Allow your dog to shake their head to loosen the wax, and then carefully wipe any debris with a cotton pad or ball. Do not insert anything, such as cotton buds, into the ear canal.
Yes, it can help with stinky ears! Most cases of ear odour is due to a build up of wax, which our Ear Cleaner helps remove.

If your dog has very hairy ears that make it difficult to see the ear canal entrance, we recommend you get the extra fur plucked or removed by a groomer or vet before cleaning the ears.

Doing this can help make the cleaning more effective and help prevent other ear issues.

However, we suggest waiting a day or two before cleaning the ears after having them plucked, to give the skin time to calm down.

Customer Reviews

RATED 4.8/5

Based on 18 Reviews

my dog was driving himself mad with scratching his ear I used this twice and the scratching has stopped and the redness has gone ,would highly recommend this product ,and it saved me a vet bill

— Vivienne H.

I have only used this yesterday after I received it, my dog already seems happier

— Marion

I ordered a bottle of ear cleaner and am pleased to say that it arrived safe and sound. My dog has been scratching even though her ears seem clean. I just wipe them round and it seems to ease her. So far so good.

— Linda C.

Very speedy delivery and well packaged. Only used a few days but a definite improvement on my dog’s ears

— Paulinus L.

Product is really brilliant worked really well on dogs ears seen a big difference after few uses will definitely be buying again in future 🙂🙂

— Karen L.

A great discovery, and it really does work. I now have a happy pooch and no more pain. Will use and buy again. Thanks

— Allan

100% good job

— David C.

Only product that works for our dog

— Sharon B.

A great product that was delivered very quickly, this stuff really works

— Mr Herron

Everything arrived safely and treating my dog with the solution and seems to be helping. Thank you.

— Martin M.

got the ear wax remover fast & worked well

— Harold S.


— Paula

Did such a good job after only one use!

— E V

The cleaner was great very pleased with it would recommend it /it works well thank you

— Sheila B.

Because product is watery dog feels it running in and keeps shaking her head .

— Dawn B.

Hello Dawn,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Our Ear Cleaner solution has to be watery so that it can fill the ear canal until the liquid is visible. After you’ve massaged the base of the ear to agitate the liquid, head shaking is what we want, as it helps to loosen any wax and debris! You can find reference to this in our directions (which you can find on the bottle as well as our website).

If it’s one of the first times your dog is getting their ears cleaned, it can be unpleasant for them and could result in head shaking when attempting to pour the solution into the ears. However, with time, they are likely to learn to tolerate it, making ear cleaning easier in the future.

If you have any questions about best practices when using our Ear Cleaner, you can always get in touch via email, phone, or Live Chat by visiting our Contact Us page over at pawvit.com/contact

All the best,

The PawVit Team 🐶🌿

Excellent cleaner

— Margaret C.


Our Dogue de Bordeaux’s can get dirty ears and this stuff works miracles. Speedy delivery & fab customer service.

— Eleasha B.


Item came in a strong package, everything fine

— Gary C.

Get your dog's ears clean today!

Rated 4.8

Ear Cleaner

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