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Paw & Nose Balm

£9.99 | 50g

Keeps your dog’s paws and nose soft and moisturised.

🌿 Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Apply a small amount to your finger tips and gently rub into the nose and paw pads. Leave to absorb. Apply as required.

Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E.

It’s 100% Natural! 

Soothes skin
Fragrance Free
Gentle formula

pH Blanced

A balm that really works.

Here are results from some of our balm’s biggest fans:

Bruce’s paws after using our Balm.

Buster’s nose after using our Balm.

For soft snouts & toes.

🐾 Keeps them moisturised and soothed.

We use a blend of nourishing oils to provide long-lasting softness.

🍃 Protects from harsh terrain & weather.

With Vitamin E to help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier of protection.

🐶 For even the most sensitive pups

It’s fragrance-free and without harsh ingredients, so you can have peace of mind when caring for your dog.

What the dog community says:

100% natural ingredients.

We use natural ingredients for you to have peace of mind.

That’s why we don’t use any harsh chemicals, such as SLS & Sulphates, Parabens, Silicone, PEGs, and Phthalates.


Have any questions?

Unlike many cleaners for creases on the market, we don’t use harsh chemicals or ingredients inadequate for the wrinkles themselves, such as perfume. Our formula is unscented, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin

Cleaning your dog’s wrinkles can help prevent a build-up of dirt and bacteria, which can lead to infections, irritations, and redness.

By maintaining crease hygiene, it can help prevent irritations and keep the wrinkles clean and soothed. We recommend cleaning dog creases as part of a daily routine.

Simply spray the formula onto a clean & soft cloth or cotton pad, and gently wipe inside each wrinkle and crease to remove buildup and sweat.

After cleaning, use a clean cloth to fully dry the wrinkles. We recommend using it daily to maintain hygiene.

Yes! As well as a gentle cleaning action, our Crease Cleaner also contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile Oil which are known for soothing the skin and calming inflammation and redness.

Customer Reviews


Based on 4 Reviews

Excellent product speedy delivery overall couldn’t ask for any better. I have an old English bulldog who had a very dry crusty nose, tried so many products with little to no results, Pawvit Balm for paws and nose is like a miracle product, within days Sir Chunkys nose is booptastic . The wrinkle cleaner is also a brilliant product not harsh on his sensitive wrinkles very effective and will definitely be buying again with the knowledge that Pawvit actually works wonders x

— Samantha

Excellent service, product delivered super quick and works as described! Would 100% recommend

— Katrina

Great product. Good quality vegan paw balm for dogs Easy to use and really works x

— Michele

My Dog loves having the paw and nose balm massaged in. I would definitely recommend these to my friends.

— A

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Cleans wrinkles in wrinkly dogs.

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