Proudly sustainable for a better planet.

Here’s why you can care for your dog whilst still being environmentally friendly:

Thoughful packaging.

Our post-consumer 100% recycled plastic bottles have already been used before being made into the PawVit bottles they are today, and they can be recycled again.

We also use tin for our balms, as it’s infinitely recyclable.

Orangutan & Deforestation (PawVit, Copyright Caregood Group Ltd)

We don't use any Palm Oil.

The Palm Oil industry is a major driver of deforestation.

It wipes out some of the world’s most biodiverse forests, releases huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, and destroys habitats of critically endangered species, such as the Orangutan.

That’s why we do not use Palm Oil in any of our products.

100% Zero-Carbon energy

We don’t use sources that produce harmful CO2 emissions, like coal, when making your products or packing your orders.

Instead, we use clean and sustainable energy sources.

Wind turbine set against a sunny blue sky
Canary Island Aloe Plantation Farm (PawVit, Copyright Caregood Group Ltd)

Ethically sourced ingredients.

We work with some amazing like-minded UK suppliers that help us buy cosmetic-grade ingredients from small farms and cooperatives, whilst ensuring they’re ethically cultivated and with environmental responsible.

Our products are Cruelty-Free, meaning we do not work with suppliers that test on animals.

Recycled postal packaging.

We’ll send your order in padded envelopes made from 100% Recycled paper. 

And if we do have to send your parcel in a mailer bag, it’ll be made from 100% Recycled Plastic.


Start your sustainable dog care journey today!

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